About us

The company...

Digitalpayment GmbH is a subsidiary of Magora Group GmbH which was founded in 2006. The place of business is in a modern office building in the Waldviertel (Lower Austria).The office is equipped with modern facilities - always state-of-the-art.

The experienced team of Digitalpayment GmbH provides all services that are necessary for handling payments on the Internet.

The services include - amongst others - an in-house support team, which is available for our end customers in case of any questions or problems. So we can guarantee full assistance. In doing so we are always looking for possibilities to exchange with our customers, as we want to adapt our system perfectly to their needs and desires.

We want to deliver a wide range of services and still stay flexible. Therefore we employ several software developers who take care of the implementation of our solutions - and still keep our processes as simple as possible for our customers. Following our slogan "Digitalpayment - the easy way to pay".


Our focus...

Our main focus is set on supplying all services concerning online payment - ranging from the payment of the desired content to the support of the customer through our competent support team.

As far as necessary we also handle the complete dunning process and the collection procedure. We have an already long-lasting network of collection agencies and law offices who are fully integrated into this process.

So Digitalpayment offers all solutions which are necessary for successful online distribution from one source. In doing so we solely act as intragroup payment provider of Magora Group GmbH.