Thursday, 10. May 2012

New Clearingpartner in corporation with Digitalpayment: 2000Charge


Why should consumers do not shop online, just because they have no credit card or do not want?
Not everybody has a credit card – is the slogan of 2000Charge, this philosophy is simple but effective. And that's what’s appealed to us.

Customers of Digital Payment can thus pay off immediately worldwide via various payment methods. For this purpose we’re working together with 2000Charge, an award-winning provider of e-commerce.
This payment method is an important alternative for credit card concerning worldwide payments – so also customers without credit card can buy easily.

2000Charge offers all types of bank payments from all over the world. With a simple click is the end user able to see a choice of all local and trusted payment solutions to a particular place.
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About Digitalpayment GmbH

Digitalpayment GmbH has been founded in 2006 as a subsidiary of Magora Group GmbH from the brothers Christoph and Markus Pass. Christoph took on the role of the CEO. The object of the company is the allocation of all services concerning online payments for further subsidiaries of Magora Goup GmbH. The business activities of Digitalpayment include several payment methods, measures in the field of risk management as well as a powerful claims management. All these services are accompanied by an in-house customer support. Digitalpayment solely acts as intragroup payment service provider. For further information please visit