From payment reminder to debt collection

In stressful times like these it can happen that a transaction cannot be processed e.g. because of inadequate funds. As our customers are very important to us and we focus on long-lasting relationships, we try to find a suitable solution for all involved parties.

Digitalpayment uses a fully automated claim monitoring system with which problems with single transactions can be noticed immediately. In this moment our dunning process starts automatically.

First of all we inform the customer through a payment reminder via e-mail that there was a problem with processing the payment. Then the customer can contact our support to solve the problem. Ideally the problem can be solved very easy and uncomplicated in this way - to the satisfaction of both parties.


Only if we don't get any response to our payment reminder, our dunning run with usually three levels will start. We give adequate time for the payment. Our customers can pay the claim in several ways.

Customers have always the possibility to contact our customer support during the whole dunning - he can for example discuss different possibilities in case of a temporary insolvency. Our support will try to find a satisfying solution in each individual case.

If all our efforts to find a solution together with our customer fail, Digitalpayment will use its successful network of collection agencies and law offices to collect the debt.