Measures to reduce risk

Risk management plays an important role in the online business: As buyer and seller are not present at the same location, we count on several measures to reduce the risk.

Digitalpayment uses powerful risk management systems to keep the risk as low as possible for all involved parties. In the moment of transaction our system checks different factors to make a rating of the customer. So we can reduce unintended faulty insertions through customers and furthermore eliminate fraudster.


A very effective instrument for fighting risk are blacklists. Our system checks if the customer has for example already created chargebacks in the past. If this applies, we offer alternatives to the customer - he can only buy with secure means of payment then.

We use different blacklists. These blacklists are based on know-how we have made through the years.


We also set some limits to make fraud by abuse of third party payment data as hard as possible. With these limits only a limited amount per bank account, credit card and so on can be spent during a certain period of time.

Additionally we make address checks, name validation and some plausibility checks. Thereby our system uses large data pools to check the existence of names, addresses and so on in realtime. Additionally the plausibility of indicated data is checked with algorithmic operations.

But that's not all: We also make internal investigations to recognize abnormality in the behaviour of single customers. If a customer acts conspicuous and we can discover fraud patterns, we go into detail and one of our trained employees checks the case.

So we can react in time, if necessary, by contacting single customers before approving a transaction.