Range of services

Payment & Security

Online payment systems have to solve many requirements.

Both on the merchant and customer side: security in the processing of payments, reliability of the system and a wide range of services combined with ease of use. Satisfying all parties involved is our daily challenge..

Payment processing

Many different payment methods - via a single platform. Not all customers are the same - that's why Digitalpayment offers a wide range of available payment methods. There is something for every customer! Our desire is to continuously provide you with each new even better payment method easily on any device and in any environment for a seamless shopping experience.


Risk management plays an enormous role, especially in the online sector: Since buyers and sellers do not face each other personally, some measures are applied to minimize the risk. We use powerful risk management systems to keep the risk as low as possible for all parties involved. At the moment of purchase, our system checks various factors in order to make an assessment of the customer. This helps to reduce unintentional errors by customers and to exclude fraudsters.

Claims management​

In stressful times like these, it can quickly happen that a payment is not successful, for example, due to insufficient funds. Since our customers are very important to us and we focus on long-term relationships, we try to find an adequate solution that suits all parties involved. We rely on fully automated receivables monitoring, which allows us to identify problems with individual payments immediately. At this moment, our dunning system automatically starts to run.

Digitalpayment Facts

Secure payment on the Internet

Fast and uncomplicated processing of your purchases.

Certified and audited provider

Compliance with norm standards and safety regulations.

European Data Center

Your data will not leave the German-speaking part of Europe.

Easy handling

Uncomplicated and easy to use from any device and in any browser, leaving more time for the important things.

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