Payments are our

Products & Passion

We love numbers and we love paying on the internet.

When our journey began there was no way to pay on the internet and 20 years later the possibilities are almost endless and we are proud to have become a part of this landscape..

The Company

Digitalpayment is a subsidiary of Magora Group which was founded in 2006 and processes millions of transactions through its systems.


Our focus is exclusively on providing secure online payment processes and supporting customers and suppliers who use them.

Core competence

Our core competencies are the development of efficient and secure transaction processes that can process billions of transactions securely and transparently, and the ease with which they can be delivered to customers and suppliers using the latest technological capabilities.

Digitalpayment Facts

Secure payment on the Internet

Certified and audited provider

Compliance with norm standards and safety regulations.

European Data Center

Your data does not leave the German-speaking area of Europe.

Easy handling

Uncomplicated and easy to use from any device and in any browser, leaving more time for the important things.

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